Dr. M.R. Jape

M.D (Preventive & Social Medicine), D.P.H. (Diploma in public Health), PG D H M (PG diploma in Hospital management).

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It is delightful that you are pursuing higher studies at Rama Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Hapur. College Life is an extremely crucial stage which completely transmute your life. Stepping into an entirely different juncture of life with absolutely advanced ideas, perceptions and way of thinking requires a confidence within yourself. I believe, in order to grow with the pristine environment you need to learn by yourself, which is the best way to teach.
Dear students, I invite all of you in this new journey with us. We must join our hands together to bloom, assimilate and evolve. I also welcome different and new ideas in order to innovate, contrive, comprehend and amplify beyond the horizons.
Rama University, a beautiful campus, friendly environment and extracurricular programming to academic excellence, eventually leads to develop passions and making leaders. The campus wants to go ahead with joining hands having new notions of life along with a great zeal and passion in each and every sphere and achieve Victory. Hand In hands leading to a great height!!

Working Experience: 

  • Medical Officer.
  • Reader in Preventive & Social Medicine, I/C Rural Training Centre.
  • Lecturer in Preventive & Social Medicine of Grant Medical College.
  • Reader in Preventive & Social Medicine Grant Medical College.
  • Associate Professor of Preventive s& Social Medicine in charge Rural Training Center.
  • Dean, Revera Institue of Medical Sciences and Research.
  • Dean, Terna Medical College.
  • Dean, Thane Municipal Corporation’s Rajiv Gandhi Medical College.

Teaching Experience:

  • Professor of P. & S. M. at Rajiv Gandhi Medical College.
  • Associate Professor in P. & S. M, .at Grant Medical College.
  • Reader in P. & S. M. administrative post.
  • Principal Medical College.

Teaching Experience as a postgraduate teacher:

  • Postgraduate teacher at Grant Medical College.
  • Examiner for undergraduate Examinations.
  • Involved in organization, implementation of Health care to the rural community in a field practice area of rural health and training center.
  • Certified Surgeon for doing abdominal tubectomy.
  • Drawing and disbursing officer i.e. Health administrator.

Training Experience: Responsible for training of following personnel

  • Post Graduate students registered for M.D. (preventive and social Medicine) and D.P.H (Diploma in public Health).
  • Medical Interns from Grant Medical College.
  • Sc. Nursing and Ph.D nursing students from S.N.D.T Women’s University.
  • Sc. nursing students from Institute of nursing education of J.J. Group of Hospitals.

Other Academic Activities:

  • Worked as secretary and business manager for the journal of India Association of Occupational health.
  • Worked as Editor of Journal of Occupational Health, Mumbai branch.
  • Member of India Association of Occupational Health since 1977.


  • Epidemic Conjunctivitis, in Village Tembhode, Clinical Observations and Role of Antihistaminics.
  • Salt Farming a Rural Occupation.
  • Occupational hazards of fisherman community.
  • Profile of Occupations in Slums.
  • Occupational health Hazards Grass workers.
  • Occupation and Its Impact on Family Planning.
  • Profile of Hypertensive individuals in an industrial city.
  • Occupational Profile of the Aged individuals in an Urban Community.
Preventive & Social Medicine