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Test Your Skills


  • Rama University Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur is organizing a free quiz online. This online quiz to test your skill virtually which aim that “How much do you know about your skill?” and is on the theme of know yourself.
  • The quiz consists in a multiple choice questionnaire as per the education level like – Junior (6 - 8), High School (9 -10), Higher Secondary (11 – 12), and Graduation. The one who gave correct answer in the least time will be considered the winner.
  • Participants must register themselves for first time for the quiz within a specified timeframe. This could involve providing personal information such as name, mobile no., email address, school/college/university name and sometimes proof of eligibility.
  • Participation in the quiz is free and open to all persons who belong to above mentioned level.
  • Rama University Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur reserves the right to conduct necessary checks in order to verify the identity, mobile number and/or e-mail address, school/college/university name and education level of the participants.
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Time of Quiz: 10:00 AM-10:00 PM

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